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The aim of this vision statement exercise is to identify the existing problems,potentials and suggest short,medium, and long term goals for the ovelall development of bulandshahr,khurja, sikandrabad and jahangirabad towns.The scope of work is limited to:

  1. Vision for the city development

  2. Vision for the organizational development of Bulandshahr-Khurja Development Authority(BKDA)

1.1 Vision for City Development

      The main issues in terms of development of each of these towns would include :

  • Development with reference to the National Capital Region(NCR)

  • Development with reference to the previous Master Plan Proposals.

  • Identification of shortcommings and missing links of the existing sectors like infrastructure etc.

  • Financial planning in relation to proposals and town development

  • short term development phasing for next five years.

1.2 Vision for the Organizational Development of BKDA

       Identification of short term and long term activities related to the organisational development of BKDA. This would broadly focus on issues relating to

  1. Financial assessment of the organization

  2. Organizational management and effectiveness of the authority

  3. Proper utilization of manpower and capacity building measures.

  4. Assessment of the authority as seen from the citizens point of view                                


Bulandshahr and khurja are identified as "Regional Centers".These centers are to provide higher order services to the scattered population around them.Bulandshahr and khurja regional centers have been  identified as a single complex for development.The basic objective of development of priority towns is to remove regional desparities and to provide employment opportunities for the perspective migrants to delhi.Sikandrabad and jahangirabad have been identified as sub regional centers.These centers will serve as first stage industrial centers with required raw material and marketing facilities.Proposed economic activity for sikandrabad and jahangirabad is industry and trade & commerce respectively.


Each of these fout towns should be developed as a "Self sustaining town".It should be self reliant in terms of employment, housing , market, education, transport and other communication means and security for all economic and social groups. All basic services should be available to all the citizens.


Municipal boards and Bulandshahr Khurja Development Authority would strive to be the principal facilitator and provider of services in order to achieve excellence in civic amenities.


The citizens should be offered a good quality of life with its quality infrastructure, environment friendly development and an efficient and responsive local administration.This vision looks to all sectors of the town: individuals and families ,business ,schools , service organizations , non profit agencies, and city workers to be responsible for the well being of the entire society. It envisions all elements of the community working cooperatively to maintain the character and quality of community life.Governing authority can not create elements of "good neighborliness" alone but rather can put the vision forward while demonstrating ways all parts of the community can create and maintain it together.

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